"There are no tasks for which we have not found a solution." Morten Rye Simonsen 
CEO All our products are produced in our workshop in Denmark, and everything is made by hand. We have every single lampshade, so we know that the quality is always in order. The neat processing we produce by caressing the eye, therefore we constantly work with the details on the visual level. Functionality is always paramount, and this is an area for which we feel great responsibility. We build the screens according to their function, such as when there must be room for a speaker inside the screen, or when there must be several screens inside each other, or when the room requires uniform lamps, despite different ceiling heights etc. Architects and designers solve lighting tasks with a focus on the whole. They often present us with special and completely unique constructions. Some tasks cannot be produced immediately due to size or requirements for functionality, therefore we must constantly think alternatively. And until now, we have always found a workable solution. Contact us and let's talk about the many options available